Cantigas ao Desafio

Cantorias Ao Desafio


Cantigas ao Desafio - Cantorias ao Desafio


Cantorias ao desafio events have been taking place throughout the the US, from Massachusetts to California, for many years.  The cantigas ao desafio take place primarily at Portuguese clubs and other Portuguese organizations.


In Lowell, Massachusetts some of the cantigas ao desafio events have been organized by Orlando Borba who was born in the island of Sao Jorge. Orlando started back in March 2011 when he went to a cantorias ao desafio event in Fall River, MA and listened to Maria Clara sing. After the cantorias he was determined to bring cantorias ao desafio to the city of Lowell.


Orlando attributes the success of the Lowell Cantorias partly to "the warm way the singers are received in Lowell by the portuguese community" and that the artists are received "like family members".







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